What annoys you about your Karoq?

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Re: What annoys you about your Karoq?

Post by Ford pop racer » Sun Aug 11, 2019 7:18 pm

kodiaq wrote:
Wed Jul 31, 2019 12:22 pm
I completely agree with TOM. Except his last sentence.*
I use Eco all the time on my 4wd 1.5 EVO DSG,
On a 40 mile cross country run yesterday I managed 44.7 mpg. Having done only 2800 miles (Therefore engine still tight) I am more than happy with that figure.
* I am totally P'd off with having to select ECO every time I restart. What galls me even more is that my friends 18 reg Golf has the same system but STAYS IN SELECTED MODE ALL THE TIME!
It annoys me so much that I have written to my dealers senior technician who is very good with all electronics and he simply cannot find out how to alter the software to perform as the golf does.
He continues to search and as soon as and IF, he gets the answer I will be certain to publish it here.
try the same journey in normal I doubt there will be any difference in fuel consumption. I use normal and sport and on a 60 mile journey using motorway and A road A21, giving it some beans on some sections I got 47mpg.
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Re: What annoys you about your Karoq?

Post by kodiaq » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:25 am

I have written the following email to Skoda Customer Services. I will report their reply if and when (eventually) received.

Good morning,
I would be most grateful if you would ask one of your technical managers about the problem that a number of owners on the Karoq Forum, including myself, are finding MOST annoying.

When a specific drive mode is chosen (Eco) in my case it has to be reset every time the engine is started subsequently.

A friend of mine has an 18 reg Golf with apparently the same system and when set, his drive mode remains as originally set.
It is therefore obvious, I assume, that it would be possible on the Karoq.

Please ask your technical genius how this can be achieved, even if it is by a Skoda dealer using OBD.
I have asked the Master technician at my dealership and after a lot of searching he cannot solve the problem.

I should add that I have Karoq edition 19 reg 1.5 EVO DSG 4X4 With electric seat. BUT I was only supplied with 2 key fobs.
I understand the with electric seat and THREE keys it is possible to sort out the problem. Why 3 keys should make a difference I do not know??
I look forward to a speedy reply,
Kind regards,
Colin Lambert.
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