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Re: No 1.5tsi

Post by Dolphinfriendly1012 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:28 am

Just had the dealership ring me and they have confirmed no orders are closed for 1.5 edition models, diesel still available bit with a long lead time. He did say strangely you can still order a sel model but I'm set on the edition spec and to get the sel close is expensive. He wasn't sure when the order books would open again although I have been told from another dealer they expected end of August beginning of September and the opportunity for the digi dash will become available. I guess I'll have to sit and wait.

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Re: No 1.5tsi

Post by Swordfish76 » Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:46 am

Hi guys, there are several issues with Karoq's production - especially for 1.5 TSi engine. There is big capacity insufficiency currently due to several reasons - lack of Alcantara fabric on market, lack of digital dashboard, assembly line capacity, new emissions measuring methodology (WLTP) required since Sept'18. As a result most Skoda dealers had to stop receiving new orders for Karoq because Skoda has reduced their quotas of cars for this year. There are other reasons as well - production will be shut down in July in order to prepare for MR2019 production. In MR19 Alcantara will be replaced with competitor's product Suedia. Currently they have many cars produced without seats stored outside of factory and waiting for delivery of Alcantara seats. With new WLTP emission measuring rules all car makers need to re-homologate all models again. But EU had agreed this just 15 month ago, so car makers didn't have enough time to re-test all their models. New methodology takes much longer and also newly they have to test almost any combination. Previously they had to test just combinations of engine and gearbox, now they have to test newly even for combinations with different tyre size or A/C version (manual, automatic) as it all has impact on consumption. All measuring labs are running 24/7, but many models wont' be finished before Sept 1. As a result these models will not be homologated and therefore will not be allowed to be sold to customers and ride on roads legally. Skoda has already contracted a rent of former military airbase in Milovice (CZ) from August for storing of produced cars which they will not be allowed to ship to customers due to missing new homologation. They talk about 300K cars ! There will be new production of Karoq started in Germany on the end of 2018 helping Skoda to shorten delivery times of Karoq. They also think about moving production of Karoq's sister car Seat Ateca from Czech Republic to Spain and using that free capacity for building more Karoqs. Btw. I've ordered my Karoq in January (1.5 TSi DSG with LED lights) and will not get it before August.

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Re: No 1.5tsi

Post by jimmer69 » Mon Jun 18, 2018 9:43 am

I ordered mine in December & took delivery on March 1st, approx 10 weeks. It's a good car but not so good that I would be prepared to wait six months for delivery.That said, you've only got about six more weeks to wait before you get behind the wheel.

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Re: No 1.5tsi

Post by Milfmog » Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:55 pm

For folks who are held up by the lack of the Alcantara fabric, one option might be to talk to the dealer about a reduced cost upgrade to leather. it could get the car past the bottleneck. Might be worth a thought...
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