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Post by Milfmog » Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:16 pm

I have to confess that my Karoq does not feel anything like as surefooted as the Yeti it replaced. I could chuck the Yeti into a bend with an overdose of enthusiasm and always knew where it would go and when I was getting too close to the edge. I do not have the same confidence in the Karoq. I have noticed a far greater tendency to scrabble for grip under acceleration from rest than the yeti exhibited so am wondering whether it is poor tyres that are the issue rather than an inherent issue with the car design. Has anyone else had any thoughts about the tyres fitted by our friends at the factory?

I should note that I am not a heavy-footed boy racer and that both the Yeti and the Karoq are front wheel drive so the comparison between them is reasonable. Once the original rubber on the yeti wore out I replaced it with Michelin Cross Climates; very impressive.

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Re: Tyres

Post by Grumpy » Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:52 pm

Mine 1.0L came with Hankook tyres as original fit and I do find them pretty noisy on some surfaces. My previous Yeti was a 4 x 4 so not a direct comparison but the OEM Pirellis and subsequent Cross Climates were much quieter. The Cross Climates gave a smoother ride too but I will need to wear out the Hankooks before I can change over
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