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Faults and Technical chat for the Skoda Karoq
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Post by Chops »

Hello all I am new to the site and a first time buyer of a ŠKODA
I have a couple of questions in regards to my new car
1. front assist I have the option it is turned on but not sure if it works as I have seen videos of what it should do but mine doesn’t beep or have that red icon appear or even brake so not sure what I have
2. I registered the ŠKODA online features but that doesn’t seem to work either
3. is there away to see what features my car actually does and doesn’t have as I feel they was lots listed it may not have?
thank you in advance
Skoda Karoq 2.0 TSI 4x4 (190) sportline meteor grey

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Post by Stevegtuk »

I have only recently got my car so don't know enough to be much help. But, On another forum, someone had similar question. One person suggested getting a large cardboard box and finding a quiet car park, then driving at it at various speeds just incase there is a minimum speed you need to get to before it works.

I don't have smart phone so can't help at will with online features sorry.

I would also like to know about what it has and doesn't have, the user manual sounds like everything is fitted. Mine was bought second hand so there were no details as to whether any extra packages were fitted.
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Welcome to the forum, both of you.
Different levels of trim have different technical bits and bobs.
I suggest you both take your cars to your local dealers and get a definitive answer to your queries, including the connectivity.
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