I wonder what this will do for Skoda's plans?

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I wonder what this will do for Skoda's plans?

Post by kodiaq » Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:00 pm

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Re: I wonder what this will do for Skoda's plans?

Post by Womanofkent » Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:13 pm

We had a Lexus hybrid before for about 4 years and paid £10 road tax when we came to change our car this time there had been a change with the road fund licence which meant we would pay £140 per year plus because the SUV cars are expensive end up paying the hike for it being over £40,000. Even if we looked at the Rav4, you pay more for the hybrid version and when we worked out we'd pay the same road fund licence as a normal petrol car for the mileage we do we'd be worse off. With cost of living increasing and wages in real times reduced over the last 10 years the politicians need to realise that most people have to put their environment principles on hold if there are no incentives. The same thing happened to those that invested in solar panels, the goal posts just keep changing.
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