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Post by FredFlatworm » Thu Dec 30, 2021 6:07 pm

Hi there - I'm hoping someone can help with a query that has got me very, very confused. I have just taken delivery of a Karoq SE L with a "Temporary steel space saver spare wheel – 215/60 R16", i.e. a full width spare.

Can someone let me know what happens to the floor level if this were to be replaced by either the "Steel space saving spare wheel with tool kit and jack. 125/70 R18" or simply the tyre repair kit? My expectation is that the floor level will drop a few inches compared to the 215/60 wheel - but is there then an incline in the floor up to the varioflex seats? My ideal is as flat a surface as possible with maximum depth.

Finally, as a supplementary, what are your thoughts on the use of the 215/60 vs. the 215/60? How far could I realistically drive on either (esp. given the 16" diameter vs the standard 18" on the car)?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Post by CJJE » Thu Dec 30, 2021 11:35 pm

This site shows that the width of the tyre decreases from 8.5 inches to 4.9 inches. So if the full-size spare AND ITS PLASTIC TOOL HOLDERS/FLOOR SUPPORT are replaced by the slimmer tyre and a matching floor support, then the boot floor would be lowered by 3.6 inches.

Note that the diameter of the 18 inch wheel is actually LESS than the 16 inch (24.9 inches against 26.2 inches) due to the differing tyre dimensions. The website I've given above illustrates this.

If you removed the spare tyre completely and let the boot floor rest on the bottom of the boot, then presumably it would be lowered by 8.5 inches.

I don't have the VarioFlex seats in my Karoq, but have a metal cross member under the rear of the back seat. If you lower the boot floor you should be able to see in your car whether it has a raised edge still next to the back seat(s).

Both space-saver spare wheels are limited to 50 mph, and describes as being for emergency use only. But for short distances and driven carefully, they are quite safe. The owners manual says they are only intended to get you to a specialist workshop (in practice I have used mine to drive about a mile and half each way to take my full size wheel to get a puncture repaired.)

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