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Post by karoqkar » Thu Oct 28, 2021 11:17 pm

I have 2021 Karoq and when the engine is switched off and the Radio/Infotainment on The clock display of time of day stops incrementing and does not keep up to date, yet everything else is working. Even switching from Radio to Satnav map or menus etc works but time is not updated until switch on ignition again by pressing the car engine start button. So if I am sitting in the car waiting for someone etc with engine switched off and Radio working it is very confusing to see the clock display (as part of the radio display) and it not at the correct time. I would have been late for an appointment one day as I checked the time thought I still had 10 minutes to go, then next the news came on the radio indicating that the time was actually on the hour. ....... Just wondering is this a fault or some setting needs changed

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Post by CJJE » Fri Oct 29, 2021 2:41 pm

It's a design fault or software bug maybe, but also affects my car! We noticed it when we were waiting for our covid vaccination appointment time... as you say you for some reason the clock stops even though the radio is still playing.

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Post by karoqkar » Fri Oct 29, 2021 11:45 pm

I wonder has it something to do with GPS. I had reason to be waiting for someone a few nights ago when it wasn't working and I browsed through some of the settings. The only one I saw related to time was option for GPS or manual. I think it was on GPS, so switched it to manual for a while, didn't notice anything different, then put it back to GPS. Still not working.
But was out tonight in the car and was waiting in the car again and it was working OK. First I was driving the car and then stopped, switched off engine, didnt get out myself (just waited for someone) and keys remained in car, clock worked OK with radio on only. Then I drove to my next stop a few miles away, stopped the engine and this time got out of car with keys for maybe 1 hour. When coming back to car I got in but didn't switch on engine or ignition, just pressed button on infotainment and put radio on and clock worked OK. Waited for several minutes and clock kept incrementing OK. Then started car and drove home, switched off and checked radio on with ignition off and again clock was working OK.
So must just not work under certain conditions, maybe related to time-out when waiting long periods after engine is switched off..?? Didn't get time to check any more possibilities..??

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