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Post by Scottos » Tue Sep 07, 2021 4:37 pm

Had my 1.5sel manual a few days. Maybe I was spoiled by previously having a 1.4tsi Tiguan but I’m somewhat disappointed so far. Having had my Tiguan for going on 4 years and not liking the changes they made to the latest one, I did my homework reading reviews about what a great car the Karoq was. Test drove one and liked it enough to order one then wait 4 months for delivery.
I have found the engine nowhere near as flexible or responsive as the 1.4 in the Tiguan, even though that’s a bigger heavier car.
The most disappointing thing I’ve found is the road noise. Constant booming noise from suspension or tyres are really annoying on most road surfaces and ruining the driving experience.
Hope I can get you used to it, as I’m stuck with it now .

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Post by CJJE » Tue Sep 07, 2021 9:00 pm

Some thoughts...

I had a 2014 1.4TSI Golf SV before my Karoq, and that was a lovely engine too, although it was probably the lower powered version than yours. But the problem is both engines were from before VAG started concentrating so much on reducing emissions and fuel consumption. A few years ago, as your research will probably confirm. the 1.5TSI was tweaked TOO far, and they had to make some software changes to improve its tractability. The new ones are said to be better, but I know my daughter still dislikes the was her 1.5TSI Passat performs. As it runs in, hopefully it will improve and you'll get used to it, but to be honest that was one of the factors pushing me to the 2.0TSI engine instead.

Others have commented on the suspension and tyre noise, with suggestions that Skoda may not be allowed to fit as much noise-absorption as is included in the more 'upmarket' VW cars. But solutions like adding it yourself has also been discussed and seems very expensive. As the new tyres run in, they can also become quieter, so hopefully things will improve for you.

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Post by sanqhar » Wed Sep 08, 2021 10:36 am

My Bridgestone Turanzas were the biggest disappointment. They were also noisy and harsh on a BMW X1 I test drove.

Not so sure about tyres getting quieter as they wear, it depends on too many factors. Many get noisier.

Inadequate sound deadening can also be a weight issue affecting emissions figures. Anyone remember when you couldn't order a Yeti with a spare wheel AND a sunroof.

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