Water Ingress in passenger footwell

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David J
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Water Ingress in passenger footwell

Post by David J » Fri Dec 18, 2020 1:13 pm

I am surprised that this hasn't come up before on this forum cos there are plenty of threads on other forums.
I noticed that I was getting condensation on the inside of my windscreen in my 2019 Karoq 1.5 SEL DSG. This got steadily worse until one day it was no longer mist but droplets of water which were now dripping onto the dashboard. As my dealership had rung to tell me I needed a service ( yet another post for later )
I asked them to investigate. After a week they found that the carpet in the passenger footwell was wet and stripped out the carpets and headlining. After another week they were still not any wiser as to where the water was getting in but did confirm that after extended testing ( hose over the roof ) that water did pour in after a while. After another week they still don't know what the issue is but think it might be the windscreen which they will have to order.
I trawled through many posts about this issue and found a number of owners with the same problem, some caused by sunroof/pan roof issues which are long standing and others who have had the windscreen replaced and still find water getting in. Some have had all their carpets replaced on warranty only to find they still have the leak.
I would appreciate any advice anyone has on this issue or how it was finally cured as I have little confidence in my dealership.

Mike sandy
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Re: Water Ingress in passenger footwell

Post by Mike sandy » Sat Dec 19, 2020 9:19 am

I would ring Skoda customer services and let them know what's happening and how you feel about it , it might help
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