Amundsen Sat Nav out of date

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Amundsen Sat Nav out of date

Post by Lorriann » Fri Dec 11, 2020 11:00 am

Hi. Recently bought an Se L karoq but the sat nav doesn’t seem to be up to date. The dealer sent me a link which hasn’t helped I’m unsure how to update my system. Can anyone advise please.

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Re: Amundsen Sat Nav out of date

Post by CJJE » Fri Dec 11, 2020 4:26 pm

How old is your Karoq?

Cars built up to July 2020 had the MIB2 system with SD cards. With these, you need to back up the existing map card (assuming it's an Amundsen system), download the updated maps and save them on the SD card. With a Columbus, the maps are held in internal memory, but are updated via an SD card in a similar way.

However if you have a car built after July 2020, with a MIB3 Amundsen or Columbus system, you won't have the SD card or reader. Instead the cars are 'online' and download the map updates themselves.

A MY21 car will have M as the 10th character in its VIN, while MY20s will have L, (MY19s - K etc). It will also have USB-C ports and silver rollers on the steering wheel.

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Re: Amundsen Sat Nav out of date

Post by sanqhar » Mon Dec 14, 2020 10:15 am

Sure I read somewhere here (or on the Briskoda Forum) that the maps are only updated around Nov/Dec once a year.
That's why I have my car serviced in January and then get the dealer to update the SD card.

I recently drove along the A14 heading west towards Bedford. Around Cambridge there have been extensive roadworks over the last couple of years. The satnav kept telling me to keep right, so I did. I ended up going the wrong way towards Huntingdon. I should have stayed on the middle/left lanes. This was all due to the temporary roadworks in force the last time the maps were updated.

When I get the maps updated in January I'll see whether they have been updated with the 2020 road changes that caused the above problem.

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