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Karoq vs CX-5?

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:04 pm
by Goldenhovie
Hi all, new here

Im thinking of buying the Karoq as it seems perfect for me , its comfty , is big enough, and most importantly on the test drives i did ( long and short) it was quite which is important as i have a hearing condtion which can be made worse by a lot of wind or tyre noise. Its big enough and practical which is handy owning two large dogs ( i own a Golden Retriever and a Hovawart) And i have read and been told its fairly cheap to run.

I wanted to hear from owners to find out if the Karoq really is as good as iv read on review sites?

How reliable are Skodas? ( i know there not as reliable as Toyota but how good\bad are they) i would be buying outright and i only keep a car in warrenty. I would be buying Auto and petrol. I also have read about the issues in the 1.5 tsi engines.

Im also looking at the Mazda CX-5 as my employer reccomended one as he owns one and said its comfty and reliable. But i dont find it as good for my needs as the karoq , firstly its noiser than the karoq and its not as god as the karoq for my dogs.

I just prefer the karoq especially since i find it quiter than most which due to a medical condtion is important.

I have read some find the karoq bland to drive but that is not an issue for me as im not one of thise thrill seeking drivers , im what some call a dull\sensible driver.

Im really looking forward to hearing if the karoq is really as good as the reviews say and if it is as quite and comfortable as i found it.

Re: Karoq vs CX-5?

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:38 pm
by Thegardener
I have had a 1.0 SE Nav Plus since last November and am delighted with it. It is roomy, quiet, easy to drive and very comfortable. No problems with the engine, unlike many 1.5 owners, so I thoroughly recommend it. Mine is manual, mainly because I didn’t fancy spending about £1500 extra on a DSG but I did test drive an auto which seemed excellent to me. Go for it!

Re: Karoq vs CX-5?

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:28 pm
by kodiaq
The Karoq is my 6th Skoda. Previous was a 1.4 DSG Kodiaq, 3 Yetis and a Fabia estate.
I only had a few stupid electrical niggles with the Kodiaq and also the ridiculous door guards, which of course, the Karoq doesn't have.
I consider the Karoq to be the best of the 75 cars I have owned.

I have just returned on a 44 mile cross country journey and achieved 46 mpg, (44.1 after creeping through Poole)
I had very slight 'kangarooing' for a week or two but nothing to worry about, and a quick 'blip' on the throttle cleared the throttle. I consider it may be an ECU problem which does not deliver enough fuel when cold. (like not pulling out the choke far enough on a carburettor car. I may be wrong of course!

VAG are working on a 'fix' which should be available any time. By the way it seems to be mainly 1,5 TSi MANUALS NOT DSGs that suffer from this problem.

You should bear in mind that Skoda have proved to be more reliable than the rest of the VAG.
I have owned 2 very second hand Mazdas and apart from a thermostat on one of them had no problems at all.
I looked at the Mazda MX5 and the killer for me as it WILL be for you, is that for the size of the car, the boot is small,
We have 2 large-ish Lurchers (26 & 28Kgs) although less bulky than your hounds there is no way I would carry them for more than a couple of miles in the Mazda.

HOWEVER!! You must get a Karoq with the moveable rear seats. SEL for example. Check before you pay! All the rear seats can be slid, reclined, folded and removed completely. Our 2 hounds travel in comfort with the back seats upright and slid right forward. The centre section won't slide but it can be tumbled. The only downside of this is that with the rear seats right forward the only back seat passengers you can carry are legless dwarfs! :lol: as the fronts of the back seats are about 3 inches from the back of the front seats.
If all this suits your lifestyle, then go for the Karoq, if however, you need to carry rear seat passengers and hounds at the same time go for the Kodiaq.
I suggest you take the dogs with you to a Skoda dealer and play with the seat arrangements.
Good luck,
Hope to see you on the forum as another happy owner. :D

Re: Karoq vs CX-5?

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 6:43 pm
by Goldenhovie
Thank you both.

Yes i will be getting the seats that you can remove. Im thinking of getting SEL as it has everything i need.

I have also already took my boys ( my dogs) down with me when i test drove the Karoq And with the seats slid forward both boys fitted nicely and they were both comfty however Duke my hovawart got a little to comfty and it took 30mins to get him out, at least the saleman had a good laugh ;) .

I have no kids and my mom lives with me ( she suffers from very bad memory issues so cant live on her own) apart from my mom i dont have any passengers apart from my boys. 80% of the time its just me during the week when im at work.

I think the karoq is for me :D

Re: Karoq vs CX-5?

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:35 am
by kodiaq
Go for it, good luck and enjoy!

Re: Karoq vs CX-5?

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:10 pm
by PDriver40
Hi, I took delivery of my 2l diesel 4x4 Karoq last June .i had done a lot of research about possible cars to buy including the Mazda. Most people were very positive about the CX5 however I'm absolutely delighted with my Karoq. MPG is acceptable but not stunning, comfort is top notch,Road noise is limited and I can enjoy the radio without having to have it turned up significantly. Handling is very pleasant and there is plenty of space, the Varioflex seats are very handy .I would heartily recommend it to anyone.