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Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2021 10:40 pm
by boneym1960
Hello and thankyou for accepting me into this group.

I my self have just bought a Koroq Edition 2.0 tdi manual 2 wheel drive version in business grey + virtual cockpit, the car its is if fine build quality and I just have one critism:-

The wheels and tyres fitted wouldn't of been my first choice but the karoq wasn't a build from factory order just from a dealer group stock with a good discount.The wheels and tyres are of a ridiculous size,19 " Crator Alloys on Bridgestone 225/40 R19 tyres, crazy I think for this mid size hatchback car as I cannot really classify it as a SUV.

I have purchased this karoq as a replacement for my 23 year old Galaxy Ghia X tdi which has been a fine car but just beginning to have some rust issues and I no longer need a 7 seater.

The Galaxy at the time was on the largest size alloys 16 " on 215/65 R16 tyres and had a lovely ride.and actually just as good as the new Karoq on fuel economy.

The ride on this karoq is ridiculously hard so I am looking at replacing the 40 profile tyres with either 50 or 55 profile tyres, does anyone know if they would fit and not foul the inner arch liners or suspension component's.

I have seen other Karoqs on 19" rims and 45 profile tyres, doing my quick calculation is that 225/40 R19 have a 90mm side wall profile 225/50 R19 have a 112.5 side walk profile and 225/55 R19 have a 123 75 sidewall profile.

Just wondering if anyone had gone done this route as I didn't want the expense of changing the alloys and the wheels

I do know that bigger profile tyres will efect speedo accuracy but some of these latest vehicles speed is now being read from GPS as well as conventional vehicle sensors.

Any comments greatly appreciated on this topic....

Rg....Karoq driver

Re: Tyres/wheels

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2021 10:05 am
by kodiaq
Read the thread below.
And look here,

Re: Tyres/wheels

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 7:54 am
by caravancrazy
Having being seeing a lot off posts over the past few months reference wheels & tyres being fitted to Skoda Karoq’s various models, do the members posting these comments when deciding to purchase not carry out a lot off research on the model that they decide that they are going to buy / lease there is a lot written in various car magazines mainly by long term road tests when the writers off the road test articles have driven the car over a period eg usually 6 months or even a year when everything is written in the articles eg how comfortable the car is when being driven on all types off roads,
Car manufactures carry out a lot off research on car ride comfort when deciding what wheel size & car tyre size on their models, with Skoda being part off Volkswagen & Seat, having checked briefly the number off models from Seat & Volkswagen are quite a large number that are fitted with the same size off wheels & tyres as fitted to the Skoda models that members are posting complaints regarding ride comfort , as a matter of interest are the cars being driven on motorways,
A class B class or C class roads as I drive on all 3 types & have found ourSkoda very comfortable on the factory fitted 19 inch wheels & the Bridgestone tyres

Re: Tyres/wheels

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 9:04 am
by kodiaq
I must admit that I bought my current Karoq blind having had 2 previously that had been fine, It did not occur to me that it would be fitted with the ridiculous 40 aspect tyres I have always wanted Race Blue and when I saw it at my dealer I did the deal over the 'phone with the dealer principle.
The other thing That I did not realise was that the rear seats don't slide on the Sportline, which makes the boot too small for our 2 Saluki crosses.
Considering the Sportline is near the top of the Karoq range price wise it is VERY poorly speccc'd. Not even 'flappy paddles' which is ridiculous on a so called sporty car.

If I can't choose the size of wheels and tyres on my next Skoda it will sadly be bye bye Skoda after 12 years and 8 cars, as I won't put up with the ridiculous set up I have.
It will probably be back to Honda, of which I have also had 8 and they DO fit 'real' tyres!

Re: Tyres/wheels

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 2:04 pm
With respect Kodiaq, my Sportline did come with the DSG paddles on the steering wheel so it must be standard from MY21. However I've never seen the need for them after 10+ years of DSG driving!

4x4s come with 45 section tyres, and I also opted to have the dynamic chassis control added to avoid any comfort problems, and I'm quite happy with its suspension. And I much prefer the Sportline rear seat to the VarioFlex ones which leave a gaping hope to the boot when you fold the armrest down. My previous Golfs had a similar seat which slid forward, but I'm fine with the added boot space in the Karoq.

I always buy my cars as a factory order rather as specced by a dealer so I can get the extras I want, and then keep the car long enough for the extra depreciation to evaporate. In fact with my advancing years it could well be that this will be the last car I buy!!


Re: Tyres/wheels

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 7:22 pm
by kodiaq
I always buy new ones on factory order for the same reason, but I try avoiding buying new and opt for demos, to save a few bob. Demos are often top of the range and you can save a few grand.
I have to consider not bruising my pension too much! :lol: