Due to take delivery early in May

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Due to take delivery early in May

Post by Milfmog » Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:50 am

My Yeti 1.6 Greenline 2 Elegance will fall out of its PCP contract in a couple of months after three and a half years with no issues apart from an occasionally reported fault with the wobbly headlight system (fault always cleared on restart).

I have to confess to being utterly underwhelmed by the Karoq styling but from the inside I don't have to look at it so in the end I decided I would just walk up to it with my eyes shut 8-). I have ordered the 1.5DSG in SE-L trim and added a few bits (heated steering wheel and front screen, and the blind spot eliminator. The dealer knew how happy I was with the Yeti and that I was intending to keep it at the end of the contract (albeit with an ECU remap looking likely) as a result I got a good deal on the new car with better than expected value for the Yeti and a few other toys thrown in to the new car. I have selected Emerald Green (not very emerald really, but what's in a name?) largely because I did not fancy any of the shades of shiny dog poo brown that VAG offers these days. hopefully, the green will be distinct enough to overcome the "lost in the car park" effect of all the faceless SUVs. (That was well demonstrated at the launch event when the salesman could not find the test Karoq in the dealers carpark without using the remote to flash the lights)

I was told the car was due to be built during the week just gone but have elected not to take delivery until May as I don't want to leave it in an airport carpark while on holiday at the end of April. the things I am really looking forward to are faster warm up (that diesel seems to take forever) a heated front screen and the DSG box. I will miss the miserly drinking habits of the diesel but not the clanky engine noise (actually it's not bad but the TSI is so much more refined).

Looking forward to sharing experiences with the new toy when I get it and hearing others tips and tricks in the meantime.

Have fun,


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