Traffic sign recognition system.

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Traffic sign recognition system.

Post by kodiaq » Fri Aug 09, 2019 3:48 pm

I was discussing the above with the other Mod on the Kodiaq forum and he told me that the traffic signs were recpgnised by the camera in the windscreen.

Today on a cross country 40 mile drive I took careful note on the way it works.
I speak, of course, about my Karoq Edition, but I assume it pertains to the Kodiaq as well.

I am now convinced that it does NOT work by the camera, because........
1. the speed signs never change until I am at least 75 feet passed them.*
2. I went from a 70 MPH dual carriageway onto a 60 MPH country road and the MFD changed from 70 to 60 but THERE WAS NO 60 sign anywhere on the road.
3. When it changes from 60 to 70 It shows a white sign with red circumference and 70 in the centre, NOT the standard white disc with diagonal black line denoting the national speed limit.
4. It doesn't show any other road signs other than speed limits.
* I therefore am assuming that the socalled traffic sign recognition system is powered by the sat nav and NOT by the camera which does opereate the lane keeping gizmo.
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Re: Traffic sign recognition system.

Post by mikaroq » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:40 pm

My only (friendly) challenge is that it does recognise temporary speed limit signs such as variable limits on the M25 (joy of joys), which makes me think it is camera based. If too close to a truck as well (in slow moving traffic), and it can't see a change in limit then it still shows the old limit as well. Has also got confused when a slip road has a different limit to a main road...
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Re: Traffic sign recognition system.

Post by Milfmog » Fri Aug 09, 2019 5:42 pm


The manual contains the following warning:
The traffic signs may not be displayed or displayed incorrectly in the system
e.g. in the following situations.
■ When visibility is poor, (e.g. fog, heavy rain, thick snowfall).
■ The sensor is blinded by the sun or oncoming traffic.
■ The field of view of the sensor is limited by an obstacle or a preceding vehicle.
■ Travelling at high speed.
■ The traffic signs are covered (e.g. by trees, snow or dirt).
■ The traffic signs are not standard (round with a red border) or are damaged.
■ The traffic signs are attached to flashing neon signs.
■ The traffic signs were changed (the navigation data are out of date).

My car frequently tells me about a 20 zone that does not exist (and so has no signs). However, it also reads a 30 sign on a side road that goes off at a shallow angle from a 40mph road and it does not correct itself until I pass a 40mph repeater. This behaviour seems consistent with the idea that it uses a combination of GPS and signage.

The interesting thing will be when some bureaucrat decides to link the traffic sign recognition with the speed limiter. That really won't be a lot of fun if they have not got it all working perfectly by then...

Have fun,

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