Ignition Failure on Keyless Edition

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Mr H
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Ignition Failure on Keyless Edition

Post by Mr H » Fri Oct 05, 2018 6:15 pm

Went to start car by pressing the start switch and nothing happened. This was after having no problem unlocking the door. Tried to start it with jump leads with no success. Then measured the battery charge level and was fully charged. Called AA and the technician tried the same. He could not use his diagnostic equipment because it needs the ignition to be on. He checked on line to see whether this was a known issue without success. He then decided to disconnect the battery lead and left it for 10 minutes. On reconnection the ignition system started to reboot and finally the car started. This post is to explain what to try if the ignition appears dead. You will need a 10mm spanner to disconnect.

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Re: Ignition Failure on Keyless Edition

Post by Womanofkent » Fri Oct 05, 2018 7:17 pm

I would take it to Skoda ASAP and see if they can download any error codes. We have had keyless entry for many years now and one of our previous cars would do this every now and then, Lexus never could see a code on the system or explain what was wrong, very frustrating and we couldn't put it down to a particular area for interference. There was a problem a few years ago at a shopping centre in Kent where car immobilisers would stop cars starting and the AA ended up asking for an investigation as they kept being called out, turned out to be something electrical in the area that was blocking signals.

Hope this is a one off blip for you, from memory I think we didn't disconnect anything but just let it stand for a while and would then start up again, happened at a busy petrol station once after husband had filled up and couldn't move off the pump by the time lexus assist turned up it started again.
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