Hard Wiring a Dash Cam With parking Mode

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I know this has been done to death, but I am after a small piece of information about hard wiring a dash cam please.

My dash cam is a Garmin 55 and has the parking mode wiring kit with it, I understand that fuse 47 is the best on to use for the switsched supply, but I also need a permanent supply for the park mode function,

Can someone please advise which fuse I would need to piggy back for a permanant live.


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I have my dash cam fed from the OBD socket which has live pos and neg pins. Look online for polarity. Get a wireable OBD plug from eBay and an inline fuse and route the cable up the rubber door seal, just tuck it in, then across inside the front of the headlining.
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pgp001 wrote: Mon Jan 29, 2024 12:46 pmCan someone please advise which fuse I would need to piggy back for a permanant live.
I'd use the cigarette lighter fuse.

Seems like most Skoda cigarette lighter sockets are permanently live, which is good for what you need; that isn't necessarily true in other Volkswagen group cars where you have the choice of a switched live or a permanently live fuse depending on how the fuse sits in the fuse box.

Useful thing.

Having had a few Audis with a fuse box arranged like that, it was a bit of a surprise that the Karoq didn't, so - needing a switched live - I piggybacked the rear wiper fuse as a lot of other peeps do.

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